Affordable Pet Supplies from Lucky Clover Pets
Tell us about Luck Clover pets
LuckyCloverPets was created by animal lovers just like you! We strive to make all animals lives happy and healthy. The bond between an animal and their care giver is one of life's most precious gifts, and we would like to enhance that bond by offering affordable pet supplies to our customers.

Tell us about your products
We offer products of quality to our customers. We understand that products need to be able to withstand the use by your animals. Our effort is to make your life easier for the pet owner. For example, you may need a new leash for those special walks with your dog, or a new bed for the special kitty in your life. Our customers really like our Casablanca Round Solid Pet Bed. Whatever your style, we have something for you!

I've never owned a pet. What do I need?

All animals are special, but the first one holds a place in our hearts. You can find everything you need to start your special relationship. Check out our affordable pet supplies! From water bowls to toys, we can provide you all that is needed, and of course, you provide the love. Enjoy!

What does the future of Lucky Clover Pets look like?

Customer service is our highest priority, and we will continue that effort going forward. As we grow, we will be adding content that will be both helpful and fun to read, along with new supplies! Stay tuned for more to come from Lucky Clover Pets!