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A well groomed pet is a happy, healthy pet. Whether your a professional looking for a groomer's supply of products, or a pet owner who has a dog in need of a bath, we are here to help! We have grooming tables, nail trimmers, and much more. Why not purchase some dog cologne and make your pooch smell like a million bucks!

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Do you have an item that is preferred by customers?

Yes, we have several. While our customers enjoy all of our products, there are a couple that they really love. One item is our Top Performance Oatmeal Pet Shampoo. It leaves your dog feeling crisp and clean. Another is our Tropiclean Spa Fresh Pet Cologne. Apply after his soothing bath, and your pooch will be the best groomed dog in the neighborhood! When looking for a groomer's supply store, please visit Lucky Clover Pets!

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